Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tanto's in Sunnyvale, Ca for Chris' Bday!! (again :P)

Fresh Grapefruit w/ Shochu (not as good as in Japan!)
Chicken Kara~age
White tuna Carpaccio
Moro~Kyu (Red Miso paste w/ Cucumber)
Tai Civiche (Red Snapper)
Butter Clams
Shittake Ebi Tempura
BBQ Quail Legs
Beef cooked in a Stone Pot
Beef on Rice
Yamaimo Seafood Okonomiyaki
Wakame Seaweed Salad
Seared Duck with Wasabi and Soy sauce
Yaki~Onigiri w/ Mentaiko & Ikura (fish eggs)
Gyu tan (Beef tongue)
Kama Shio (Grilled Duck)

Yaki Udon
Tai Yaki Meshi (Red Snapper Rice with Dashi)
Kinnoko & Mochi with a brown sugar sauce over Ice Cream
Baked Banana w/ Ice Cream


aimee said...

i want.

Kristen said...

this makes me want to eat it all over again. such a bad idea to look at it at work. :(